Perfumes & Cosmetics

The iconic Flower By Kenzo celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Other activities

Belmond announces winners of The Belmond Award for emerging creative talent at New Designers event in London

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"Once Upon a Time in Belgium": Le Bon Marché celebrates the creative spirit and offbeat humor of the country where comic books are elevated to an art form

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Start of the Hennessy 2020 grape harvest: in five steps, LVMH explains what happens during this key period for the Cognac House

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Designer - Fashion House Tandem

On one side, legendary fashion houses; on the other, a pool of creative talent. Between the two, a delicate equation, a subtle alchemy.

Transmission & Savoir-faire


Social & Environmental responsibility


Green lights

凤凰平台官方网站Thanks to advances in lighting technology, light can now be produced using much less energy. LED lights – for Light-Emitting Diode – reduce energy consumption by 40% on average versus conventional lighting.

Social & Environmental responsibility



Joining LVMH means becoming part of an academy of talents and contributing, together, to the Future of Tradition.


LVMH is home to 75 distinguished Houses rooted in six different sectors. True to tradition, each of our brands builds on a specialty legacy while keeping an unwavering focus on the exquisite caliber of its products.


凤凰平台官方网站 A family-run group, LVMH strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its Houses in keeping with their identity, their heritage and their expertise.